Apple is Bringing RAW Photo Editing to iOS 10

The Lion City II – Majulah is a photographic love letter to Singapore; actually, love novel might be more appropriate. A time-lapse overflowing with creative camera work brought together with brilliant editing, it’s not an understatement to say photographer Keith Loutit just raised the timelapse bar.

I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone National Park to test out the Nikon D500, Nikon D5, and Pentax K-1 DSLRs and I wanted to share my experience, specifically my frustrations with visiting and photographing this amazing location, which has been my top spot for many years for photographing both wildlife and landscapes.

John Kraus is just 16 years old, but already the young photographer is capturing amazing aerospace photos professionally, using gear most of us would probably scoff at.

New Jersey photographer Alana Hubbard found herself at the center of a massive controversy after her Walking Dead children’s cosplay photos went viral. But despite the photos being called everything from “sick” to “disturbing,” the photographer told PetaPixel that she stands behind the photos she took.

A couple of weeks ago, my team and I pulled together a weekend poolside shoot with models, perfect weather, and a drone. I operated the drone and got some beautiful footage. Magnificent footage. Award-winning footage.

Want to own one of the biggest lenses you can get your hands on? Hastings, Nebraska-based photographer Jim Headley is selling just the lens for you: it’s a gigantic 1000mm f/4.5 lens that was originally made for NASA back in 1964.

Traveling and photography go hand-in-hand, but without the right gear it can also be a pain. Fortunately, there’s some great affordable travel photography accessories out there that will make traveling with a camera a joy.

I finally have a chance to write a few thoughts down on the new Nikon D500. Were you (like me) one of the thousands of Nikon photographers who waited seven years for the successor to the D300s?

My name is Luka Gorjup, and I’m a 29-year-old photographer who was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia — you know, that tiny beautiful country in Central Europe that many mistake for Slovakia?

It is beautiful, indeed. We have the seaside,the Alps, the karst, lakes, vineyards and many many excellent athletes. And we have beautiful forests — lots of them. In fact forests cover approximately 66% of our land. In terms of relative forest cover, Slovenia ranks 3rd in the European Union, just after Finland and Sweden. This is probably the reason I have deep respect for trees and nature.

As Barack Obama nears the end of his 8-year tenure as President of the United States, White House photographer Peta Souza has been looking back at the nearly 2 million photos he’s taken of the sitting president. But Souza may have only yesterday taken his most widely-seen photo of the president… a photo he likely wishes he never had to take.

When people say 9-year-old Regina Wyllie is a wedding photographer, they’re not being loose with the word “photographer.” The young photographer is already being requested by brides who hire her pro photographer dad.

Hey PetaPixel! Let’s talk about taking pictures of lightsabers. How to make ’em look good, specifically.

A lot of professional photographers have a growing frustration about losing jobs to part-time “photographers” doing horrible work for $30, or having clients tell them that another “photographer” will do the same job for $25. So, I got to thinking: what if other professions were treated like photography?

BrushKnob is a new control device for Photoshop that aims to speed up your workflow by putting two extra physical controls at your fingertips: a knob and a button.

I will begin by saying that my intention is not to attack Steve McCurry or defame him in any manner. It is only an attempt to clear certain facts that have come to light regarding his work and to also raise certain questions on aspects that may or may not have been missed, but certainly have not been expressed till now… at least not publicly.

Sony made a big splash when they announced the G Master lenses, but how does the 85mm GM compare, side-by-side, in the real world, with one of the most popular 85mm lenses already out there? Gary Fong put it to the test, but he’s letting you to decide which lens is best.

National Geographic is, without a doubt, one of the foremost authorities in the world of photography. So when they rank their top 10 cameras for travelers, the entire photo industry perks up its ears and pays special attention to see what they have to say.

Netherlands-based photographer and videographer Chung Dha made this quick 2-minute video showing how he fakes the look of drone shots using a light stand and action camera.

One of the big arguments against taking photos is that the act distracts you from actually enjoying what you’re experiencing. But a new study has found that snapping pictures actually helps people enjoy experiences more.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is one of the most anticipated DSLR releases on the horizon, and yesterday we got our first peek at what kind of specs the full-frame SLR may be sporting when it finally makes its debut in about 4 months.

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