Ep. 78: This Is Definitely How You DO NOT Photograph Wildlife

Here’s a video from 2011 in which respected Los Angeles-based social documentary photographer John Free vents about his personal frustration with photographic education.

After seeing a drone crash in the distance, a woman took it upon herself to take it and claim the drone “almost killed her” to the police after she is confronted by the quadcopter’s owners. Fortunately, the drone recorded the whole thing…

A report published in the famed journal Science is giving us, perhaps, our first look at the future of optical technology. And that future comes bearing camera lenses that are thinner than a human hair.

In 2002, a renegade science photographer, Martin Waugh, was playing with high-speed photography and discovered he could image two drips of water hitting each other.

Back in February 2016, skier Nicolas Vuignier captured the worlds imagination with a video shot using his “Centriphone,” a plastic glider that lets you swing a camera around your head and have the lens constantly pointed toward you. For their latest music video, Indie pop duo Matt & Kim created their own centriphone… using a wooden coat hanger and some fishing wire.

No, you didn’t read the title wrong. Although it might seem like a bit of a strange concept, there is such a thing as an “underwater river,” and Russian underwater photographer Anatoly Beloshchin actually got a chance to photograph this amazing phenomenon.

I’m old. Believe me, I know it. I’ll be 70 in a few months. That fact may make it hard for you to take me seriously, but bear with me for just this post. With age comes wisdom, right? What I want to write here is that I think the field of photography by those making art is changing in a disturbing way. Read on.

RYOT, in association with Apple, has captured one of the most captivating, moving, stunning short documentaries you will see this year, or possibly ever… and they did it all on an iPhone 6S.

It’s happened. 10 weeks after announcing the impending change and dealing with a huge freakout, Instagram is officially rolling out its Facebook-like algorithmic feed to everybody worldwide. Bye-bye chronological feed…

Brides magazine recently published an article titled “Which Vendors Do You Have to Feed at Your Wedding?” In the piece, wedding planner Sandy Malone gives brides advice on which vendors they’re responsible for feeding at a wedding, and which you can leave out of your plans.

Her “general rule” is that wedding photographers don’t need to be fed, and photographers aren’t happy about it.

In this blog post, I would like to share some insights with you regarding the connection between aperture and the inverse-square law of light, as well as their effects on light fall-off.

Want to see the power of ReelSteady’s software based image stabilization for After Effects? The video above shows a crazy wingsuit stunt by BASE jumper Graham Dickinson and his friend Dario. The GoPro HERO footage has been stabilized using ReelSteady as a “stress test.”

VSCO has announced that it’s redesigning its popular mobile camera app for both iOS and Android. The new app will be focused on both creating and consuming content, increasing the app’s strength as a photo sharing social network.

Mother Nature can be such a beautiful and powerful phenomena to watch, and if you’re not careful, you can quickly become addicted to it. That’s my problem: I’m addicted, and I have been for a long time now.

I shoot with a Sony a6000, a Sigma 19mm f/2.8, and a vintage Helios 44-6. My entire kit cost me less than $500 (second hand) and technically, it sucks.

I was editing some images that I took last week in New York City, including some taken from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Then I remembered that I had taken some shots of the same view from the same location, 15 years ago.

My name is Justin Tierney, and I’m a time-lapse photographer based in Japan. The opening section of my latest time-lapse project features nocturnal Japanese cityscapes. All the shots were captured from high hotel windows or observation towers around Tokyo. In this short article I share how I was able to create these shots without unwanted window reflections.

GoPro wants you to strap its action cam to a sportbike, or your snowboard, or your BASE jumping helmet; Polaroid has other ideas. The company’s Polaroid Cube and Cube+ action cams recently got their own… shot glass mount.

I tracked over 10,000 likes and followers I received on Instagram in May, 2016. Here’s a look at the data and what I discovered.

Making perspective adjustments on a photograph usually impacts the whole thing, but that’s not always ideal. What if you want to keep your foreground perspective the same and only fix a small piece of your shot? This short tutorial shows you how to do just that.

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