Ep. 92: New Gear Rumors Abound

If you’ve ever been curious how some of the beautiful desktop wallpaper images in Apple’s OS X operating system were shot, you’re in luck. It seems Apple forgot to scrub the EXIF data from one of the El Capitan wallpapers, giving you a glimpse into how it was shot, and how it was edited.

Konsta Punkka is a 21-year-old nature and lifestyle photographer based in Helsinki, Finland, who has attracted over 750,000 Instagram followers, thanks in large part to his magical up-close photos of wildlife.

Not everything looks better in slow motion, but a whole lot of things do. Case-in-point, check out this behind the scenes video that shows a high speed robotic arm being used to capture slow motion footage, and then shows you the sweet results. (Warning: There is very brief nudity around 1:40).

Canon may have some unusual things planned for upcoming DSLRs and lenses. The company will reportedly introduce “a DSLR first” in the upcoming 5D Mark IV, but that’s not all: an upcoming lens may be the company’s first to include a digital display.

In one of the most daring (and cost saving) feats of do it yourself engineering we’ve ever seen, the folks at YouTube channel Indy Mogul managed to recreate a remote-controlled 360° camera rig that normally costs $18,000 for just $650!

As my startup gear brand Eupidere grows, we face more and more photographic challenges in shooting thrifty product photos. Recently, I had just minutes to come up with an image that is a) eye catching, and b) Christmas related. There are lots of Christmas decorations around right now and the little guy above, wearing striped pajamas, is one of them. We decided to put him into a winter scenery and wish everyone Merry Christmas.

Photographer Jerry Ferguson was shooting from a news helicopter this week when he spotted a microburst over Phoenix, Arizona. In the right place at the right time, Ferguson managed to capture remarkable photos of it.

Here’s a quick retouching tip that almost every portrait photographer will end up using at least once: how to quickly and easily fix shiny or oily skin in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

People often say that dogs and their owners look more and more alike as the years go by. For her ongoing project “The Dog People,” German photographer Ines Opifanti is shooting portraits of dog owners trying to mimic the expressions on their dogs’ faces.

I never get tired of seeing our closest star set below the horizon, and seeing how the landscape changes as the warm light gets fainter by the minute. Every sunset has its personality depending each location, weather and season. One beautiful thing about a sunset is what happens right after the Sun has set. If turn around, you can slowly see the Earth shadow rising from the horizon.

This may be one of the craziest wedding photos you’ll ever see. For a recent shoot in Iceland, wedding photographer CM Leung photographed a rescue helicopter flying near a bride for a one-of-a-kind photo.

The new Wolffepack Capture camera backpack does something that we wish every photography backpack could do: it lets you swing it around front without actually taking it off, making it much easier to get at your gear.

It took Drew Geraci over at District 7 Media over 80 hours of post-production to create his latest China timelapse. That’s because he took all 2500 individual frames he had captured and turned them, one by one, into paintings using the Prisma app. The result is mesmerizing.

Amazing photography subjects are everywhere, and if you don’t believe us, look no further than this gorgeous macro photography timelapse of pain killers, vitamins, and other over-the-counter pills dissolving in water.

Cameras and photography were birthed in Europe, so how did the Asian island country of Japan become the most dominant player in the global camera industry? Here’s a great 30-minute video that explores that question, offering a look into the history and culture of cameras in Japan.

Controlling your DSLR from your smartphone or tablet has never been … smaller. Meet the CASE Remote Air, the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller.”

NASA just released a timelapse video that will give you an eye-opening dose of perspective. The 3-minute video above shows 1 year in the life of Earth, photographed from 1 million miles away.

Here’s a 3.5-minute film by SmugMug Films about the life and photography of Dave Powell, the street photographer behind the photo blog ShootTokyo.

Prisma is a new camera app that transforms your photos to look like paintings by famous artists. It goes beyond the film simulation filters that are widely available these days to offer a surprisingly realistic painting filter.

What does Santa do in the ‘off-season’ between January and December? Does he go swimming? Work in his wood shop? Play the keyboard? Photographer Mary Beth Koeth set out to find out, and the answers are yes, yes, and yes.

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