Google Photos Can Now Curate Albums with Just Your Best Shots

In yet another example that maintaining dominance within a space cannot be taken for granted, Flickr announced earlier this month that they are only allowing auto-uploads from the desktop for paying customers. Wired declared “Time to Give up on Flickr, Everybody.”

The Smithsonian has just announced the winning photos of its 13th annual Photo Contest. A total of 9 winning shots were selected from over 46,000 submissions from photographers in 168 different countries.

Dear Portrait Photographers,

Between the 1940s and the 1970s, one of the big cameras used by sports photographers was the Graflex “Big Bertha,” a giant 120 lb camera that shoots 5×7 photos. At least one of these cameras is still seeing action.

So much of the world today is invisible to cameras. Technology operates in a light-less world of zeroes and ones, electromagnetic waves that fly over our heads in ever-increasing abundance.

For his fascinating project Digital Ethereal, designer Luis Hernan set out to capture one of these invisible signals, WiFi, using a creative combination of long exposure photography and an Android app.

Back in July 2015, Canon announced the Canon ME20F-SH, a multi-purpose camera with a $30,000 price tag and a max ISO of 4.5 million. This 11-minute video is a closer look at the camera’s features and abilities.

Face swap camera apps are all the rage these days, and Facebook even acquired one this month to get into the game. But the technology is getting more and more creepy: you can now hijack someone else’s face in real-time video.

Want to see the inside of a DJI drone manufacturing facility? Now you can, thanks to some test footage that was recently found on a new DJI drone camera. Data is normally wiped before cameras are shipped, but it seems that someone forgot to delete this one.

Apple today unleashed the iPhone SE, a new smaller 4-inch iPhone for people who want to upgrade from the iPhone 5S while keeping the screen size the same.

Pentax’s first ever full-frame DSLR, the Pentax K-1, is designed to be rugged and built like a tank. To test how much the camera can handle, one guy decided to give it a mud bath and water shower.

Leading up to the total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, photographer Rueben Krabbe had a crazy and ambitious idea: he wanted to photograph skiers in front of the eclipse at the “edge of the Earth.”

Time-lapse photographer Rufus Blackwell spent the last 2 months taking the DJI Osmo handheld stabilized camera around Saigon, Vietnam. The 3-minute video above is what resulted.

TH Swiss has announced a new line of lenses called Irix. The first lens in the family is the Irix 15mm f/2.4, a “photographer’s dream” lens that was “built by engineers and perfected by designers.

20 years ago, before Apple became dominant in the world of photography thanks to the iPhone, the company sold a standalone camera called the Apple QuickTake. Released in 1996, the $600 Apple QuickTake 200 shot 0.3 megapixel photos.

500px is cutting its royalty rates for photographers selling photos through the company’s marketplace, and it seems that many of those photographers aren’t happy about the change.

For me photography is not portraying what exists, but portraying what exist in me.

In addition to announcing a new iPhone and iPad Pro yesterday, Apple also introduced Liam, a recycling robot that it uses to automatically salvage recyclable materials from old, defunct iPhones.

Here’s a strange occupational hazard for certain sports photographers: getting hit by a shot putter. That’s what happened to one photographer at the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to the smaller iPhone SE, Apple today also announced a new smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The new tablet boasts a new color feature called True Tone that photographers may find interesting.

What do you find when you search for Copenhagen on popular photo sites? Generally it’s Nyhavn, the 17th-century waterfront and entertainment area. But not only that: to my surprise, I also found some cool science fiction subway shots taken out of the subway system.

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