Google’s Pixel smartphones get a new look with Pixel Launcher

Google’s just-revealed Pixel smartphones will feature a new user interface designed to make it easier to access Google’s Assistant – the now smarter, virtual helper that aims to one-up Siri. Part of this revamp includes the introduction of the Pixel Launcher, the company announced.

At the Google hardware event this morning, the head of the software management team for Pixel, Brian Rakowski, showed off how the Pixel Launcher worked, focusing mainly on the power of the Google Assistant to respond to queries, launch apps, answer questions, and more.

Unlike with prior Android interfaces, where access to Google Now was available just a swipe away, the Pixel Launcher instead features a tab labeled “G” which allows you to tap into the power of the Google Assistant.

In addition, the Pixel Launcher changes the way the user interface for Android will look and feel.

Specifically, Pixel Launcher features round icons and access to apps “a swipe away,” said Rakowski. That is, you can now pull up on the now, more faded-looking icon dock to reveal all your apps – with no need for an “app drawer” icon.

Rakwoski also described the Pixel Launcher as having a “clean” and “polished” look, which references the more subtle changes to the interface, which has been updated to better fit in with the style of the newer, sleek, aluminum and glass Pixel smartphones

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