How to Use a 35mm Film Canister as a Simple SD Card Case

A lot of professional photographers have a growing frustration about losing jobs to part-time “photographers” doing horrible work for $30, or having clients tell them that another “photographer” will do the same job for $25. So, I got to thinking: what if other professions were treated like photography?

EgyptAir Flight 181 was hijacked yesterday by a man wearing a fake explosive belt. During the 7-hour ordeal, one of the hostages decided to ask the hijacker to pose for a selfie.

My name is Dewey, and I work at a newspaper in Texas. Our building is from the early 1950s, and recently I discovered a camera graveyard in our basement.

One of the things about film photography is that exposure on film, unlike in digital photography, is not equivalent at all to overall brightness of an image.

Before I became a fashion photographer I worked as a retoucher and digital tech for other photographers. Full frame was still in its first or second generation, and from what I saw all the best fashion and advertising photographers were shooting digital medium format.

Here’s a short 2.5-minute video in which photographer Mathieu Stern reviews the Lomo T43 40mm f/4, a cheap $5 manual Russian lens that has surprisingly good image quality (given its cost).

It’s looking more and more like Flickr will soon find itself under the control of a new owner. It’s no secret that its parent company, Yahoo, has been struggling as of late, and now the latest word is that Yahoo is on the auction block and taking offers for its businesses.

Many years ago when I was a starry-eyed undergrad I would ask every photographer I came across the same question:

“How do I take better photos?” 

I was extremely lucky to have many talented and generous photographers take me under their wing to show me the ropes. Without their valuable advice there is no way I would have become the photographer I am today. 

Ironically, the number one question I now get asked as an Open producer is “How do I take better photos?” 

So along with some tips that I’ve picked up over the years, I’ve recruited some outstanding snappers across Australia to share their own secret techniques about how they take their photos to the next level. 

This is long. Sorry. If you want to read something shorter I hear War and Peace is a ripping yarn.

Video games are becoming more and more realistic, and the quality is getting so good that some screenshots and clips may trick you into thinking you’re looking at a photo or video of the real world.

Here’s a great 4-minute video by the YouTube channel society of geeks that looks at the work of official White House photographer Pete Souza.

Whoa. Google just announced that it’s making its Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software 100% free.

During the Great Depression in the US, the government had a role in creating the “golden age of American photography” by paying some of the best photographers to document the country. While many iconic shots emerged, other shots that weren’t as good were “killed”… with a hole punch.

Most humans can see about 1 million colors. Some people can see around 100 million. This 4-minute video by DNews is an interesting look at this condition, which is known as tetrachromacy.

Sigma’s Art series of lenses has received high praise for its leading image quality and relative affordability. A 24-70mm f/2.8 lens may soon be added to that family.

Sony today announced the RX10 III, a compact camera with a powerful 24-600mm f/2.4-4.0 equivalent zoom lens.

Two amateur astronomers have captured what appears to be an explosion on Jupiter that resulted from a large asteroid impacting the planet.

Most camera straps have a small loop that holds the extra flappy end in place so it doesn’t dangle loosely. If you want to tuck the end of the strap away even more, the 2-minute video above demonstrates a simple way to do so.

Atlanta-based photographer Ed Hetherington makes a living photographing weddings, but earlier this month he traveled to Zimbabwe for a wildlife photography adventure. While there, he had a unique experience he won’t soon forget: a lion stole his camera.

Sony today announced two new additions to its full frame FE lens lineup: the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens and the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens.

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