iOS 11.4 seems to have a battery drain problem

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Apple’s support forum is lighting up with complaints from iPhone users that iOS 11.4 is hammering their battery life hard.

Devices across the line, from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X, seem to be sporadically affected. One commonality seems to be seeing the battery drain rapidly overnight.

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Some users are claiming that disabling the Handoff feature alleviates the issue, but others are reporting no change after making this tweak. Some of those affected say that restarting their iPhone fixed the problem (since this is simple and non-destructive, it might be worth a try).

Battery degradation doesn’t seem to play a part, with some users reporting that iOS’s built-in battery health checker is giving their handset a clean bill of health. Others affected say that their battery was replaced not that long ago.

Others are reporting that their iPhones are running hot after installing the update.

If you’ve not installed iOS 11.4, and are at all worried about suffering from poor battery performance, it might be advisable to wait for Apple to fix this issue before upgrading.

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