Photographer Nearly Gets Run Over by Angry Guy on Public Road

In Thailand, there’s a wedding photography business that’s attracting quite a bit of attention. It’s called คนตัวเล็ก, which literally translates to “Small Person.” The photographer’s specialty is making couples look like miniature figures living in a giant world.

GoPro just released this 4-minute video tutorial titled “Creating Fire Rain: A Steel Wool Experiment.” It’s a look at how you can create raindrops of light by burning and spinning steel wool, a technique that has gotten a lot of attention (both good and bad) over the past few years.

If you ever find a lost GoPro, there’s a decent chance you’ll find footage of the camera’s last moments with its owner on the memory card as long as it hasn’t been destroyed. That’s exactly what one fisherman just found in England.

“Master of Photography” is a new TV show that aims to do for photography what American Idol did for singing. Created by Sky Arts, it’s the first TV talent show in Europe focused on photography.

Cameras are often pitted each other in the area of image quality, but long exposure sensor noise generally isn’t something that you can easily compare online. So photographer Brendan Davey took it upon himself to create such a resource, and the Sensor Noise DB is what resulted.

Fujifilm made much of the speedier performance in the brand new Fuji X-T2. Burst mode (with the attached booster grip) is 11fps, EVF blackout had allegedly been improved “to the extreme,” and AF-C had also seen substantial improvement. But how does the speedier new camera compare to a DSLR when shooting fast action?

The idea of fitting electronics into a film SLR in order to capture digital photos with it is not new. The thing is, most of the ideas we’ve shared ranged from April Fools jokes to promising concepts that never seem to advance beyond that.

The DigiPod is the first product we’ve seen actually become a reality. It’s a digital cartridge that fits inside your old film SLR, and if it makes it to market, it could be quite groundbreaking.

In the span of just a few short years, Seattle-based photographer Nate Gowdy went from shooting weddings, headshots, and commercial images to shooting striking photos of politicians campaigning to become the leader of the United States. His work has since been widely published, including an appearance on the cover of TIME. We spoke to Gowdy about his life and journey in photography.

There have been precious few Fujifilm X-T2’s out in the wild ahead of this morning’s release, but travel photographer Elia Locardi has had one for the last 2 months and he’s sharing a crazy dynamic range demo with us today.

The Milky Way is the name of the spiral galaxy in which our solar system is located. It is our home in space. The Earth orbits the Sun in the Solar System, and the Solar System is embedded within this vast galaxy of stars.

This photo of July 4th celebrations in Los Angeles shows 10 minutes worth of fireworks compressed into a single photo.

If you’re less-than-impressed with lightning captured at 240fps by an iPhone 6 Plus, then let this photo act as our apology. Captured from 37,000 feet above the Pacific ocean, it is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular aerial storm images we have ever seen.

Curious what full-resolution files out of the mirrorless medium format Hasselblad X1D look like? We’ve got you covered. Photographer Ming Thein has been out shooting with the camera, and he’s sharing some of his full-res samples with us today.

Using the right hashtags to get your work noticed on Instagram is an art in and of itself, that much we already know. But if this article wasn’t enough help, a simple new Web tool called Dehaze makes finding the right hashtags a cinch!

I’m like a lot of photographers. I want to shoot more often. And one big reason I don’t shoot as much as I like is that I waste too much time reading about gear.

I kept this post as a draft for months, unsure if I should publish it since it discusses things and events that aren’t very easy to share. I hope it can inspire and help at least one person from my personal life experience.

Remember 6 days ago, when we said tiny storage like microSD was finally getting the R&D love it deserved? We may have been on to something, because Samsung just introduced a new kind of tiny memory card that could leave microSD cards in the dust.

Avoiding the paparazzi usually involves celebrities covering their faces or surrounding themselves with body guards, but why do that when you can just toss a stylish scarf around your neck? This anti-paparazzi scarf lets you do just that.

I will begin by saying that my intention is not to attack Steve McCurry or defame him in any manner. It is only an attempt to clear certain facts that have come to light regarding his work and to also raise certain questions on aspects that may or may not have been missed, but certainly have not been expressed till now… at least not publicly.

Renowned street photographer Bruce Gilden is dipping his toes in the world of fashion. The Magnum shooter has launched a new limited edition T-shirt.

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