Portraits of 19th-Century Characters with 21st-Century Gadgets

A high-quality, tiny, ultra-wide angle lens with almost zero distortion… that’s what Venus is promising with the full-frame Laowa 12mm f/2.8 ZERO-D. And they’ve already raised over a quarter of a million dollars from people who believe they will deliver.

I’m a professional full-time photographer and I choose to let people download and use 95% of my images (even commercially), here’s why.

The Internet has become the wild wild west of copyright infringement, and the fact that so many photos are illegally republished around without permission and/or attribution makes enforcement tough for the photographers behind them. If you’ve ever shared your images on the Web, there’s one big-name place they could show up for sale without your permission: Amazon.com.

Photographer Adam Nawrot wanted to chase light full time, so he bought an old NYPD surveillance van for $2,500 and turned it into his mobile home and editing studio.

You might think you know Photoshop through and through, but even if you’ve been using the photo editor for ages, you still may learn a little something from this tutorial by Nathaniel Dodson over at Tutvid.

Plotagraph Pro is an incredible new photography tool that can take any still image and animate it into a beautiful looping GIF or video file. No need to shoot a video or capture multiple frames, a single JPEG is all this Web-app needs.

Using only 12 photos and the impressive new Platograph Pro software we told you about on Friday, photographer Ron Risman was able to create what he’s calling a “pseudo timelapse.” 12 photos, 12 ‘moving’ sequences.

Samyang just dropped a high-speed bokeh bomb on the mirrorless APS-C market. So if you think your manual focus skills can keep up, meet the brand-new, ultra-fast Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS.

It’s time for a long overdue post. Looking back through my archives, I realized that I’ve covered topics like film selections and scanning film but to date I’ve skipped one really important part: metering and exposing color film.

The Fuji X100T is yesterday’s news for most of you, I know. Mirrorless cameras represent the latest stage in the rapid evolution of the tools and technologies we use to make pictures– look no further than the tantalizing new Hasselblad X1D if you need proof of where things are going.

It’s commonly said that a camera adds 10 pounds, making you look heavier than you actually are. Here’s a striking animated GIF that shows how much the focal length of a lens affects your apparent weight in a portrait.

Virgina-based photographer Ray Reynolds is finding out that there are consequences to covering one of (if not the) most controversial public figures in the world. Ever since he began photographing Republican nominee Donald Trump professionally, the rest of his business has completely dried up.

It looks like Canon is working on something… different. A leaked spec sheet shows the Japanese camera giant may soon release a “W-E1” Wi-Fi adapter that fits inside your camera’s SD card slot.

Getting started with Magic Lantern can be a bit daunting for a beginner. That’s why computer science student and filmmaker Jake Coppinger put together this easy-to-follow step-by-step video guide that shows you how to (safely) install and use the powerful software add-on.

Renowned photographer Carol M. Highsmith is reportedly suing Getty Images for $1 billion, claiming that the stock photo company committed copyright infringement through the “gross misuse” of 18,755 of her photographs documenting America.

Printing a hologram usually involves some sort of special materials or lenses, but a company called Lumii has invented a way to do it with a regular old Epson inkjet printer! The resulting ‘lightfield prints’ look for all the world like 3D, full-color holograms.

John S. Payne is a professional photographer who has been running a studio since 1985. He has also spent decades collecting Nikon gear, amassing an arsenal of cameras and lenses worth over $100,000.

In 1941, legendary photographer Ansel Adams began working for the US Department of the Interior to shoot large format photos of National Parks and other notable locations out in the great outdoors.

Guess what? The same job opening has appeared again: the National Parks Service is looking to hire a black-and-white large format photographer, and the salary is up to $100,000 per year.

In 2013, I made by far my most amazing thrift store find. In the Good Samaritan shop in my hometown Roanoke, Virginia, I discovered several rolls of old nitrate negatives. The following day I had the negatives digitized and discovered the rolls contained a considerable trove of nearly 400 images, the majority of which had been shot in Italy about 80 years ago.

Photographer Justin Olsen of Salt Lake City, Utah, recently visited a mountain biking trail at night with Cody Kelley, the world’s 39th ranked rider. While Kelley did runs and jumps, Olsen shot video entirely by moonlight using the Sony a7S II. The 1-minute Red Bull video above is what resulted.

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