Production Manager 50 is the World’s Largest Rolling Photo Gear Case

The $6,500 Nikon D5 DSLR and $3,200 Sony a7R II mirrorless camera are two of the current leaders in low-light, high-ISO shooting, but how do they stack up against each other? This 1.5-minute comparison video will show you.

What would you do if a client threatened to ruin your reputation online if you didn’t issue a refund… for a photo shoot you already did? That’s what recently happened to San Francisco-based photographer Josh Edelson.

Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone! We’ve scoured the Web for the cleverest and funniest photography-related jokes so that you can get your fill of the day’s ridiculousness in one place.

Last week, Google dropped a bombshell when the company decided to give the Nik Collection of desktop photo editing plugins away for free—no catch, no strings attached, 100% free. But what if you have no idea how to use your newly-acquired suite of editing tools? No worries, Tim Grey has you covered.

Last week, we took a look at an excellent Photoshop alternative for Mac OS X, Affinity Photo Beta. This week, we are taking a look at a possible Lightroom alternative, Emulsion, to see if it can also help you step outside of Adobe’s ecosystem. While Adobe provides an excellent range of products, some photographers are looking to expand their horizon with more affordable alternatives.

Colorizing old black-and-white photos with Photoshop has been a popular subject on the Internet over the past few years, as skilled retouchers use their time and skills to offer a new view of vintage images. In the future, though, software may be able colorize B&W photos with the click of a button.

Canadians Canon users woke up yesterday to some unfortunate news. The gear price hike confirmed by Canon at the beginning of March has taken effect, and the price of every Canon lenses in the Canon Canada store has increased by 20%.

Whoa. Google just announced that it’s making its Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software 100% free.

Think Tank Photo has announced the new Production Manager 50, the world’s largest rolling photography equipment case. It’s designed to help you safely take an “immense” amount of camera gear on the road.

One photographer received quite a shock recently when he found out that one of his clients had been arrested for murdering her daughter. He had been hired by the “grieving” woman to create Photoshopped “ghost girl” photos at the grave site.

Here’s a neat, simple, and cheap little trick that’ll help you get smooth footage when shooting video or a hyperlapse with your DSLR. If you don’t have the money or the need to pony up for a serious stabilization system, try using a shopping bag instead!

If you ever need to soften your flash in a pinch, you can go the MacGyver route and fashion a diffuser for yourself using an ordinary piece of paper. They usually cost about $0.01 per sheet, so this is one of the cheapest diffusers you can make.

Want to see how the Nikon D5’s video recording performs under low light and high ISOs? Kenneth Yung over at shot this short film — what you see is straight out of camera and lit using a single 50W incandescent light bulb.

When your photo sharing app is used by hundreds of millions of users around the world, there are a lot of sad and angry people when your service goes down. Instagram crashed for about 15 minutes yesterday — coincidentally April Fools’ Day — and people freaked out.

Do you have between $400K and $600K laying around, just begging to be spent? If you do, you could soon be the proud owner of the Zeiss Tele-Tessar 500mm f/8 lens—AKA the first telephoto lens used on the moon.

One of the things about film photography is that exposure on film, unlike in digital photography, is not equivalent at all to overall brightness of an image.

Editors like to say, “There are great pictures to be made right in your own backyard!”

Come to think of it, there really is a lot going on in my backyard, or at least in my Baltimore back alley. Fugitives from justice have fled down my alley, pursued by police helicopters. I once found a trail of blood that stretched for hundreds of yards. I followed it the whole way, and at the end found a guy with a badly cut hand sitting on a curb.

A lot of professional photographers have a growing frustration about losing jobs to part-time “photographers” doing horrible work for $30, or having clients tell them that another “photographer” will do the same job for $25. So, I got to thinking: what if other professions were treated like photography?

Magic Lantern is being slammed online after pulling an “unfunny” April Fool’s Day prank that gave DSLR owners a fake “Blue Screen of Death.” The message on the screen contained phoney technical details and informed users that their camera was “bricked.”

Brazilian portrait photographer Ana Paula Grillo recently shot heartwarming maternity and newborn photo shoots… for a dog named Lilica.

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