The Top Photographer Reality Show Has Arrived, Here’s the First Episode

Ouch. Reviews don’t get much worse than starting with “The GoPro Karma is unquestionably, inarguably, unarguably, without a doubt, the worst drone I have ever flown.” And it only went downhill from there…
(Warning: Strong language).

I just got back from Batanes as part of a large group of bloggers and other media people who were there to try out the photography features of the Asus Zenfone 3 line of mobile phones, courtesy of Asus Philippines. I was there mainly as a resource person on shooting the Milky Way, but I was intrigued about the possibility of pulling off Milky Way shots using a mobile phone.

Questions on the subject of lens choice are as limitless as lens choice itself. Show me 10 photographers and I’ll show you at least 11 divergent opinions on which lens is right for a particular type of photograph.

After tasting some success selling their budget 50mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2 lenses, Yongnuo is adding another piece of glass to its ultra-affordable arsenal. Earlier today, they announced the arrival of their YN 100mm f/2 lens, and it’ll only cost you $170.

Inspired by a costume idea we first saw way back in 2011, photographer Bryan Troll turned himself into a fully-functional Nikon DSLR this Halloween. His ‘costume’ has a working flash, takes pictures, and even displays the results on an LCD!

Earlier this year, after researching photo editing tools, I shared a list of 104 photo editing tools you should know about. After receiving a great deal of interest and feedback from the photography community, I’ve created one final ultimate list of 148 photo editing tools and apps.

This is what 20,000 miles of hard travel by thumb, foot, van, and train does to a camera.

Loupedeck is a new physical console that’s designed specifically for editing photos inside Adobe Lightroom. Its goal is to enhance your editing by putting everything you need into an ergonomic, physical interface at your fingertips.

Low quality photos and videos are often referred to these days as being “potato quality,” or so bad that they look like they were taken using a potato. But for photographer Colin Lowe, “potato quality” is a spot-on description for some of his photos because they were literally taken with a potato.

virtualGimbal is one of the most interesting little devices we’ve ever come across. An SD card with a gyro built right in, the device does double duty by capturing your footage while it also captures the movement of your camera for better electronic stabilization in post.

The 100mm f/2 lens spotted yesterday isn’t the only new lens coming soon from affordable camera gear maker Yongnuo. It seems the company accidentally outed another lens in one of their product images: an 85mm (probably) f/1.8.

I am a street photographer currently based in Manila, the Philippines. I prefer to photograph the streets alone or with a non-photographer, but on the occasions when I do shoot with fellow photographers, I tend to find myself painfully trapped in conversations about gear.

It is estimated that over 99% of all species that have lived on Earth have gone extinct, and a number of notable ones have disappeared just over the past century. Thanks to the existence of cameras, however, we have a more accurate visual record of what some recently extinct animals looked like.

The world of the fantasy, fine art photographer typically involves a healthy helping of Adobe Photoshop. But if digital art and crazy composites are on one end of the spectrum, then photographer Adrien Broom is on the other—no Photoshop, just incredibly intricate hand-made props and sets.

At the time of my takeover of the Visit Faroe Islands account, my own account was around 5k followers. To briefly run and manage a page that has surpassed 100k was a great learning experience. Here are a few things I learned along the way that might help others.

I definitely love do-it-yourself projects, especially those that help me out with a project in a niche way.

My name is Timothy Jones, and I’m a Bristol-based photographer currently serving as a British Army Photographer. I was also just awarded Photographer of the Year by the Army Photographic Competition 2016 for my photos showing military life over the past 12 months.

I recently returned home from my trip to Egypt, and with my wife due any day now, I had some time to squander on lens hunting. A local craigslist post revealed that one of the camera shops in town was having a yard sale to clear out all of their old stuff in preparation for moving to a new location. I wasn’t about to pass up on a camera shop yard sale!

If you want a neat example of creativity in action, look no further than photographer Andrew Tihi’s recent portrait adventure. Watch as he uses a backlit bus stop advertisement to help him capture a glowing portrait against a white backdrop.

How does the camera quality of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone compare to Leica’s high-end digital rangefinders? Respected Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi decided to find out by shooting the same scenes and then comparing them side-by-side.

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