These Shots Helped Me Win the British Army’s Photo Contest

Questions on the subject of lens choice are as limitless as lens choice itself. Show me 10 photographers and I’ll show you at least 11 divergent opinions on which lens is right for a particular type of photograph.

After tasting some success selling their budget 50mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2 lenses, Yongnuo is adding another piece of glass to its ultra-affordable arsenal. Earlier today, they announced the arrival of their YN 100mm f/2 lens, and it’ll only cost you $170.

When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, photographer Robert Landsberg was documenting the changes in the volcano from just a few miles …

Inspired by a costume idea we first saw way back in 2011, photographer Bryan Troll turned himself into a fully-functional Nikon DSLR this Halloween. His ‘costume’ has a working flash, takes pictures, and even displays the results on an LCD!

At the time of my takeover of the Visit Faroe Islands account, my own account was around 5k followers. To briefly run and manage a page that has surpassed 100k was a great learning experience. Here are a few things I learned along the way that might help others.

Madrid-based photographer Silvia Grav’s work is best described as “surreal.” Paired with poetic captions that Google Translate simply doesn’t do justice to, each black-and-white photo manipulation holds a deep artistic meaning.

The world of the fantasy, fine art photographer typically involves a healthy helping of Adobe Photoshop. But if digital art and crazy composites are on one end of the spectrum, then photographer Adrien Broom is on the other—no Photoshop, just incredibly intricate hand-made props and sets.

This is what 20,000 miles of hard travel by thumb, foot, van, and train does to a camera.

I just got back from Batanes as part of a large group of bloggers and other media people who were there to try out the photography features of the Asus Zenfone 3 line of mobile phones, courtesy of Asus Philippines. I was there mainly as a resource person on shooting the Milky Way, but I was intrigued about the possibility of pulling off Milky Way shots using a mobile phone.

Photographer and CreativeLive founder Chase Jarvis dropped a serious truth bomb in this short clip from one of his classes. And the bomb is this: you will never turn a $500 client into a $5,000 client… the best thing you can do is move on and find a new, $5,000 client.

Selective color, bad HDR, over-sharpening, we’ve all seen (and if we’re honest, probably made) these Photoshop mistakes… but are you sure you’re still not committing some Photoshop faux pas? In this video, Nate Dodson of TutVid covers 10 common novice mistakes you should avoid.

The ability of art to influence humanity’s collective consciousness has somewhat been masked in a veil of uncertainty. While it has been widely agreed upon among scholars of art history that art has always held an important role in the influence of beliefs, as in religion and popular opinion, it is important to try and understand art’s role in that influence.

Apple’s new MacBook Pros feature a retina display Apple is calling their “best ever.” 67% brighter with a 67% higher contrast ratio and 25% more colors, it’s no slouch. But if you want the ultimate display experience for your new MacBook Pro you’ll have to buy… an LG monitor?

I will begin by saying that my intention is not to attack Steve McCurry or defame him in any manner. It is only an attempt to clear certain facts that have come to light regarding his work and to also raise certain questions on aspects that may or may not have been missed, but certainly have not been expressed till now… at least not publicly.

We don’t usually recommend taking a band saw to your $2,000 lens… in fact, we still don’t recommend it. But that’s what it took for nerd hero of Mythbusters fame Adam Savage to get a broken filter off of his friend’s Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens.

Earlier this year, after researching photo editing tools, I shared a list of 104 photo editing tools you should know about. After receiving a great deal of interest and feedback from the photography community, I’ve created one final ultimate list of 148 photo editing tools and apps.

Photographer Manuel Ortiz went out and did something many of us have been considering a lot lately: he bought himself a cheap, vintage Soviet lens. And now, we get to join him to see how this awesome old portrait lens performs when it’s attached to the very modern Sony A7R II.

I’m a big fan of the portrait. It’s even better when the portrait is about more than the photographer’s skill, but about the life, challenges, and successes of the subject. “Skin Deep” by Steven Burton is one such project that caught my eye.

How does the camera quality of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone compare to Leica’s high-end digital rangefinders? Respected Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi decided to find out by shooting the same scenes and then comparing them side-by-side.

Here’s a look at the optical quality of the Yongnuo 35mm f/2 for Canon EF. There’s only so much that can be tested at home without fancy gear (MTF charts and the like) so I did a few tests that gauge common aesthetic qualities, using techniques that are often recommended for testing at home.

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