This Guy Turned a Russian Truck Into a Massive Camera for Glass Plate Photos

When Japan and South Korea signed a pact on military intelligence sharing last week, authorities decided to do the signing in private, closing off the ceremony to the press. Unhappy about this decision, photojournalists decided to protest the media blackout by laying down their cameras.

After our first visit to Yosemite National Park, my girlfriend and I have made it our goal to try to visit as many National Parks as possible. It’s partly because of how beautiful and varied the parks are from one another, and partly because of the escape from the everyday noises that we find while out there.

What if you could see yourself in 14 years? Would you want to know what you look like? Urs Recher is a Switzerland-based photographer who recently pursued a personal project that fascinated me.

My name is Sam Spicer and I’m a semi-pro family and travel photographer using the Sony Alpha mirrorless system. I’m going to tell you about a problem I have discovered that’s potentially damaging the environment and costing photographers a lot of money.

A grad student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is receiving some recognition and praise from National Geographic itself this week … over an iPhone photo.

Belgian artist Vincent Bal has a fantastic ongoing project titled Shadowology. Each photo is a clever mix of an object, its shadow, and a hand-drawn illustration that creates a whimsical scene.

DRTV has officially lost all three of its best-known personalities. Alamby Leung left suddenly in 2013. Kaiman (Kai) Wong, the face of the show, announced his departure last week. And now Lok Cheung, DRTV’s lovable cameraman, announced that he has resigned.

For award-winning Canadian photojournalist Ed Ou, his October 1st trip to the United States started out like any other assignment. But while his plan was to cover the Standing Rock protests for the CBC, he never got past the US border agents.

Care to start off your week with a heart attack? This video, captured earlier this year at a track in Canada, may only be three seconds long… but it’ll make your heart stop nonetheless.

21-year-old Coby Persin describes himself as a “social experimenter/pranksters of ‘That guy from YouTube'”. But when he stopped his fancy gold BMW i8 on a busy Manhattan street for a “quick photoshoot,” he bit off a bit more than his BMW windshield could chew.

The first season of Top Photographer is now over, and a winning photographer has been crowned. In case you missed the Adorama-produced and Nigel Barker-hosted Web reality TV series, here’s the entire first season for you to binge.

Photographer Mathieu Stern has based his YouTube channel on reviewing cheap and unusual lenses, but for his latest experiment he went a different direction. Stern created his own lens using 3D printing to see what results he could achieve.

Last year, journalist Esther Honig published a viral series of images showing how photo retouchers in 27 countries around the world “enhanced” a portrait of her according to their cultural preferences. Inspired by that project, the UK medical website Superdrug Online Doctor just published a similar experiment that explores body image.

Last week, we told you that Casey Neistat was saying goodbye to his hugely popular daily vlog. Today, we found out what he’s planning to do next.

Phase One today launched Capture One Pro 10, the latest version of the company’s powerful raw conversion and photo editing software. It features interface improvements, behind-the-scenes tuning, and some new features.

It seems that hate toward selfie sticks is still flowing strong these days. Web comic The Oatmeal capitalized on the sentiment by publishing this new widely-shared comic titled, “How to Use a Selfie Stick Without Bothering Others.”

Now that I have used Lightroom for many years, processing photos from two different camera systems (Canon EOS and Fujifilm X-series), I have realized that the most important setting in the Develop module is Profile in the Camera Calibration panel.

The news that Casey Neistat and his team at Beme was going to be joining CNN to do … something? … and that this acquisition cost CNN a reported $25 million has been met with mixed reactions. Here to set the record straight on a few FAQs about the deal is Neistat himself.

As a photographer on set, it’s your job to get the most out of your models—to make them feel comfortable, and help them help you achieve your vision. In this great video, photographer Clinton Lubbe of dphog explains how to do this when your model is young, inexperienced, or both.

Photography is dangerous. Just editing a photo and getting OK results is enough to get you hooked.

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