Urbex Instagram Photog Killed While Subway Surfing in NYC

How does the camera quality of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone compare to Leica’s high-end digital rangefinders? Respected Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi decided to find out by shooting the same scenes and then comparing them side-by-side.

I love toys… camera equipment toys, that is. And thanks to my never-ending photographic ADD, I have owned a lot of different cameras. I have a pretty good understanding of most of the different camera makes and models that are on the market today. I’ve shot most of them to some degree, and I have been able to really dial in what works best for me as a professional wedding photographer.

The folks at crowdsourced camera gear statistics website Explorecams have released a new infographic that reveals the most commonly used camera and lens combinations used to capture over 11.5 million photos they’ve analyzed online.

Red Bull Illume, the world’s top action and adventure sports photo contest, has announced the winning photos for the 2016 edition. After receiving 34,624 photo submissions, the contest’s 53 judges ended up selecting 11 shots as the best action photos in the world for 2016.

Watch out iPhone: Google wants to be the smartphone camera champ. The company just announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, a pair of new smartphones that puts a huge amount of emphasis on photography.

The talented Felix Hernandez is back with another beautiful scene captured using tiny objects. This time, he’s taken a scale model of a microbus and placed it into a snowy scene in the middle of nowhere… of course “nowhere” is actually his home studio.

Jonathan over at PhotoWeeklyOnline created a couple photography-related word search puzzles that contain words like “aperture” and “shutter”. There’s two puzzles, one for analog …

If you’re the technical type, or your just love to understand your photo and video history, you’ll definitely want to check out this straightforward explanation of NTSC vs PAL, or why your camera shoots 29.97, not 30fps.

New York City-based photographer Mike McGregor has a new photo series titled Modern Explorers. The portraits show Pokemon Go players hunting for Pokemon out in the wild.

While shooting only her second wedding, Boston-based photographer Alyssa Stone experienced every photographer’s nightmare. Someone had stolen her gear out of a church pew, and she found herself camera-less just as the couple was about to tie the knot.

Sony just introduced its new a6500 camera, the company’s flagship APS-C mirrorless camera with the world’s fastest AF speed and highest number of AF points among cameras of its category.

Apple’s powerful, photographer-friendly line of Retina display MacBook Pros are overdue for an update. But if you’re thinking of getting one anyway, don’t! Reliable reports claim Apple will announce an update to these laptops at the end of the month.

The filmmakers behind ShoHawk have put together a simple infographic for filmmakers that, with all due respect of course, we think applies even better to photographers. The graphic describes 15 principles of Mise en Scéne, and it helps explain how different visual elements and styles in an scene (or photo) help tell different kinds of stories.

Not even Leica is sure what the Leicina VC is. Is it a directors viewfinder? A call back to the Leicina Super 8 cameras of old? A gimbal? The answer seems to be (D) All of the above… sort of.

It’s one of the more shocking pieces of advertising photography ever created. These photos, created by non-profit advertising agency SERVE back in 2007, have resurfaced a few times over the years, each time proving to be a powerful tool in the battle against teen pregnancy.

While embedded with troops in Afghanistan in the late 2000s, war photographer and writer Michael Yon captured numerous photos of the sparkling halo that can appear when a helicopter’s rotors hit sand and dust. Upon finding that the particular phenomenon didn’t have a name, Yon gave it one that honors two fallen soldiers: the Kopp-Etchells Effect.

If you look at the product page of any “exotic” piece of camera equipment on Amazon, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across some humorous fake reviews left by photographers looking to poke fun at the product’s features. Last September, we shared some funny reviews left for the Sigma 200-500mm, which looks more like a bazooka than a lens. Another one is the Hasselblad H4D-50, a medium format DSLR that costs $19,000… as an open box demo. You can probably guess what the reviews poke fun at.

The folks at Breed fashion photography school recently set up an interesting (and very educational) challenge for themselves: recreate a beauty shot of actress Kristen Stewart that was captured by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino for this year’s Chanel ad campaign.

Part Parkour athlete and part cameraman, we already introduced you to the so-called “Gimbalninja”‘s skills last year. Now, watch as he helps capture a Nike ad by pulling some free-running stunts and filming at the same time.

25-year-old French socialite Louise Delage has amassed some 44,000 followers and over 50,000 likes on Instagram in the last 2 months. An impressive feat by social media standards… except that she’s not a real person.

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