VLC Media Player Can Now Do 360-Degree Photos and Videos

German photographer Michael Quack has created a helpful resource for photographers getting started with portrait lighting equipment. It’s a look at 111 lights and modifiers and the different looks you get using them.

Photographer Mathieu Stern has based his YouTube channel on reviewing cheap and unusual lenses, but for his latest experiment he went a different direction. Stern created his own lens using 3D printing to see what results he could achieve.

OK Go just released this 4-minute music video for their song, “The One Moment.” What’s notable about this project is that most of the 4-minute video is a super-slow-motion shot captured over just 4 seconds of real time.

Sony’s latest E-mount mirrorless cameras have wowed photographers with their low light and high ISO capabilities. Now it looks like its latest A-mount SLT, the new Sony a99 II, will do the same. Above is a 2-minute video showing its performance at ISOs up to 25600 in a room lit only by two candles.

Update: There have been new developments. Please see below.
There’s a new bill passing through the Arkansas State Legislature that may be concerning to photographers who operate camera drones. The bill is titled, “Concerning The Use Of An Unmanned Vehicle Or Aircraft That Captures Images; To Create The Criminal Offenses; To Provide For Civil Liability,” and it criminalizes certain camera drone usage and the possession of photos captured during that usage.

Headshot photographer Peter Hurley has previously shared popular portrait tips for achieving slimmer figures, sharper jawlines, and photogenic eyes. His latest quick tip is all about adjusting height in portraits.

Photographer Clint Davis recently did a photo shoot with top-tier 2016 IndyCar racing drivers and their cars. He also created a series of behind-the-scenes animated GIFs showing how the composites were created.

My name is Marius Hanzak, and I’m an experimental photography student currently studying at the Cleveland College of Art and Design in the UK. For one of my recent projects, titled RGB Church Street, I experimented with making color photos using black and white film.

“Would you buy a photograph without seeing it first?” That’s the question Canon Australia asked recently through its experiment titled, “Sight Unseen.” The company held a blind photo auction to sell photos by some of Australia’s best photographers.

President-elect Donald Trump held an off-the-record meeting with about 25 media executives and anchors in Trump Tower on Monday. At the gathering, Trump shared some complaints about the outlets’ coverage of him, including the use of unflattering double chin photos.

Just how well does the $2,500 DJI Ronin 3-axis handheld gimbal work to stabilize cameras? Just check out this short clip of Israeli photographer Oleg Balzanov using one upside down to hold his drink steady as he bounces around on a dance floor.

Photographer Andre Occenstein of Recife, Brazil, is on a mission to capture new and unusual perspectives of ordinary kitchen objects. His latest series shows utensils in creative closeups.

There is a big craze for Sony full frame (FF) mirrorless cameras at the moment, and seeing people rush onto that bandwagon is like watching lemmings following each other over the cliff.

Last year, journalist Esther Honig published a viral series of images showing how photo retouchers in 27 countries around the world “enhanced” a portrait of her according to their cultural preferences. Inspired by that project, the UK medical website Superdrug Online Doctor just published a similar experiment that explores body image.

After generating a considerable amount of hype, Chronos has landed on Kickstarter, and the dream of a 21,500fps high-speed camera at a price point of $2,500 is catching on like wildfire. The campaign reached its funding goal of ~$48,000 in about 5 hours after going live.

If you’d like to see how your photos are being used across the Web, there’s a new free browser extension that lets you do so with one click. It’s called PhotoTracker Lite, and it makes it easy to quickly search multiple major reverse image search engines.

Famous photographers throughout history have produced some incredible images that have stood the test of time, but it’s not only their photographs that are inspirational.
Their acute insights into the creative process have guided generations of photographers and shaped the way even today’s best photographers think about their subjects and scenes.
If you’re stuck for inspiration, or even motivation, we’ve put together 50 quotes from the most inspirational and talented photographers the world has seen to help you get your mojo back.

Canon today announced its latest entry-level DSLR, the Rebel T6 (known as the EOS 1300D in other countries). If you’re looking for a groundbreaking new camera, unfortunately the T6 isn’t what you’re hoping for.

I will start off by saying I am partial to SanDisk memory cards, but I recently found a great write up on their website that is pretty much universal, explaining the difference between SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. I wanted to share this information with everyone because sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out which SD Card is best for you.

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